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Preparing for Trade Date + 2 Settlement (T2S)

Duration: One Day  

This program presents the issues, challenges and a clear pathway to prepare your firm to meet the T2S. We begin with a discussion of the factors that led the US marketplace to migrate to T2S. Next we review the pitfalls encountered during the move to T3S during the late 90’s. Our focus then expands to the reengineering of trade lifecycle processes required to accommodate T2S.

Changes required to accommodate T2S will impact every participant in the trade lifecycle process including regulators, industry utilities, and buy-side and sell-side firms. Though the target date is 2017 this migration will require considerable efforts from each major constituency.

This program will provide essential information and outline an appropriate approach for firms across the industry to follow to ensure that they are ready to meet the target date and realize the benefits of T2S.

Topics include:
• Five risks to avoid associated with T2S
• Impact on Order – Execution activities
• Trade Matching vs. Confirmation / Affirmation
• Trade Guarantee for everyone
• Industry Utilities – too few or too many?
• Trade Lifecycle v2017

Benefits of attendance:
• Appreciate the benefits of T2S
• Deepen perspective of changes required
• Expand awareness critical processes
• Increase knowledge of industry utilities
• Recognize the impact on your firm
• Understand the next steps to take internally to meet T2S

Staff from the following areas should attend:
• Accounting/ Compliance
• Information Technology
• Internal Audit
• Middle Office
• Operations
• Risk and Control


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