Who We Are

Jeremiah Associates LLC, is a professional services organization providing services to two vertical constituencies:   

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

We provide ADR, arbitration, collective bargaining and mediation, services to a broad spectrum of parties. Beginning as a FINRA  Arbitrator in 2008 and then as a Mediator for the New York Peace Institute in civil court and community cases, and as an ADR professional for the New York Lawyers Association and in Maryland and New Jersey.

Financial Services industry.

In 1992 Jeremiah Associates was established, as a professional services firm, to provide Consulting, Content Development and Training to  clients across the global financial services industry. During our 30+ years our clients were leading banks and brokerage firms, institutional

investors, custodians, industry service organizations and global regulators. Our core competency was hands-on expertise in the full              spectrum of banking and brokerage activities. We closed our consulting practice in 2020, but we continue to provide content         

development and industry practice training to our clients.

Our Commitment to Clients
We focus on meeting the needs of both client constituencies. We undertake only those engagements we believe we can provide real           tangible value.  We commit to assisting clients in meeting their expectations and strive to exceed them. 

Analyzing Data