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Who We Are 

My name is Jerry O'Connell and I am the founder and principal of Jeremiah Associates LLC, a professional services firm providing Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) to parties facing disputes. I began my ADR career as a FINRA Arbitrator in 2008. FINRA is 

a regulator overseeing the financial services industry, under the supervision of the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC).

I expanded my ADR qualifications via mediation training in 2012 as a community mediator. Since then I have continued to expand my skills and experience through additional training and apprenticeships. Currently I mediate civil court, community, family, housing, small claims court, employment, special education as well as Attorney-Client fee disputes. After 2014, I also qualified as a FINRA mediator.

My arbitration skills have also continued to expand. After 2017, I qualified as an Arbitrator / Mediator in Part 137 NYCLA Attorney-Client Fee Dispute. In 2020 I expanded my ADR practice to include collective bargaining to facilitate agreements between businesses and their union employees. You can see my training history on the My Training page.

Mediation is the largest segment of my practice due to the breadth of my case experience. I currently use Zoom, as a virtual platform, which is acceptable to most participants.  Alternate arrangements can be made.

My work in assisting parties in resolving disputes provides the opportunity to leverage my 35+ years of experience in the financial services industry managing a consulting and training practice that supported clients throughout the global financial marketplace.

There's a lot to consider when choosing a Mediator. Mediation styles, experience and approaches are important. My reason for becoming a Mediator is to help people manage conflicts in a productive manner while exploring workable solutions. My rate is $275.00 per hour and I bill in 15 minute increments. I require a deposit when I accept a client and will bill as services are provided. Payment can be made via check or PayPal. 

My Commitment to Clients

My goals are centered around meeting the needs of each client. We accomplish this by assisting each client to identify and explore acceptable solutions for their disputes. We ensure that our clients feel secure and confident that we we understand their concerns and will address their issues. As the neutral party in a mediation, my role is to provide an unbiased perspective and help all parties to reach acceptable resolutions.

Every client deserves to be treated with respect and receive outstanding service


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